It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

And often the busiest! Even as I try to create space to dwell upon the mystery of God coming to us in the form of baby, I find myself distracted by all of the places to go, things to do, and people to see that come with this season.

There’s a law of the universe that seems to go right alongside ones like
“what goes up must come down” and “babies in clean onesies will have blowouts.”

It goes like this: “Saying ‘yes’ to something means saying ‘no’ to something else.” And the inverse is this: “Saying ‘no’ to something can create space for saying ‘yes’.”

This is a season for intentionality. And the number one area I need help being intentional with? How I spend the time God has given me. We aren’t just stewards of money or resources or gifts… we are stewards of time. Time is God’s, and He’s letting me manage it for this season. There are a lot of ways we can think about stewarding our time, but the questions I’m asking myself right now are along these lines:
     – Who has God placed in my life right now?
     – How can I be as fully present as possible to them in this season?
     – Are there ways God is asking me to help them in their journey towards maturity in Christ?
     – Are there ways God is asking me to let them help me in my journey towards maturity in Christ?

The answers might be as simple as sharing a cup of coffee and a cookie, or helping someone clean up their yard. Or the answers could be deep conversations around the nature of the season of advent… the season of longing and watching and waiting. Whatever it may be, my hope is that you are able to hear God speak to you clearly in this season and respond with joy. My hope is also that God would use the different events we have going on at Chapel Hill in this season to answer some of those questions. All of our events between now and Christmas are designed with guests in mind, and it couldn’t be easier to invite someone to join you.

December 19: Carols and Cookies, 6:30pm in the Memorial Chapel

This event is designed like an open-house for our Saturday night service. Cookies, cocoa, family-friendly crafts for the kiddos, and Christmas carols with Pastor Mark at the piano- -what could possibly serve as a better start to Christmas week? We’d love for you to join us and bring some friends. Ellis will be sharing about the meaning of Christmas — this is the perfect opportunity to invite a family you’re getting to know to join you at an intentionally low-key, festive event.

December 20: The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

Join us at both services for a normal Sunday morning with a twist- our Kids Performance Workshop will present a delightful Christmas story that will touch hearts of all ages. This is a great opportunity to invite friends to join you at church, particularly if they have elementary-aged kiddos. Seeing their peers leading in worship can be a great conversation starter!

December 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

This is another great opportunity to invite someone to join you, and we’ve made it really easy with a postcard you’ll receive in the mail that can double as an invite you can pass on to someone else. Here’s a quick reminder of the service breakdown:
3 and 4:30 are family services and a highlight will be the return of Pastor Megan;
6 and 7:30 are our traditional services with choir and orchestra;
9:00 is our communion service with handbells.

We’ll be asking the question, “Is God With Us?” in our series Joy for Every Longing Heart, and we’re excited to see how God is stirring people to seek Him this Christmas season. We also need a bunch of volunteers to help host these five services. From parking lot duty to greeting to clean up, there’s a spot for you! Consider attending one service and serving another. Sign up at the Connect Center or online today!
(Click HERE)

Alright, Chapel Hill. we know that it’s impossible to do everything this Christmas season, so all we can ask is that you be intentional with your time. We look forward to seeing you in the coming days, hopefully with friends and neighbors in tow.

With joy,

P.S. We’ve had a terrific response to our year-end letter outlining growth and news from this last year. Thanks to the many who have responded with generous year-end gifts. Click HERE to read the letter, and click HERE to add a gift of your own.