Christmas Music

Christmas Music

One of the best things about Christmas is the music.  Last night, I sat down at my piano and played through every Christmas carol in the hymnal… twice!  (I particularly enjoyed a boogie-woogie version of Go Tell It On the Mountain, a rendition the original writers never imagined, I’m sure!) 

If you love Christmas music, too, I want to remind you of several Chapel Hill gifts to you and our community: 

~ This Saturday evening, at 7:00 and Sunday at 2:00pm, our Chancel Choir and orchestra will present their annual Christmas concert.  This year’s theme is “How Great Our Joy!”  (By the way, we will still have Saturday evening worship at 6:30… always!) 

~ Speaking of Saturday worship, invite a friend to Carols & Cookies next Saturday night at 6:30 in the Memorial Chapel. I will sit down at the piano and lead us in an evening of evangelistic Christmas caroling! Evangelistic means “good news,” and there is no better news than that found in the carols. We are going to sing great carols and talk about what they mean. We’ll have family-friendly crafts, and the atmosphere will be relaxed and fun! It will be a hoot… and I might even bust out that boogie-woogie “Mountain!” 

~ And then, of course, there’s our Candlelight Christmas Eve.  Five services!  3 and 4:30 are family services and a highlight will be the return of Pastor Megan following the birth of not-so-little Reed; 6 and 7:30 are our traditional services with choir and orchestra; 9:00 is our communion service. You can use the postcard you’ll receive in the mail as an easy reminder to give away to someone. I’d recommend choosing “the ends,” either the earlier or later services.  The middle ones will be packed.  Come, bring a friend and sing your heart out! 

There is no easier time to invite a friend to church then right now.  Pray about it, screw up your courage… and make the ask!  I promise, it will bless them… and you.

Pastor Mark

P.S.  We’ve had a terrific response to the year-end letter I sent recently outlining the growth and news from this last year.  (Click HERE if you’d like to read that letter.)  Thanks to the many who have responded with generous year-end gifts.  If you’d like to join Cyndi and me in supporting our favorite church’s work, click HERE!