Sad Family News

Sad Family News


 Early Thursday morning I received a call telling me that Malinda Thomas, wife of our dear guitarist Dave Thomas and mother to Jordan and Dylan, had died suddenly in the night.  As I write this, we await news about the cause and, of course, are rallying around this beloved family as only the Body of Christ can do.  

What a privilege it was for me to walk into the Emergency Room and find the place already crowded with their LifeGroup members: praying, comforting, sitting quietly.  It does cause me to ask this: who are your 3:00 a.m. friends?  Who are the people you can call at the worst times with the worst news?  There are no easy, pat answers to offer in such a time of tragedy.  But we can offer what Jesus himself offered: presence.  Our loving, empathetic presence.  These poignant and painful times are glimpses of the Church at its very best. 

This weekend is our St. Andrews Celebration, a celebration of our Scottish heritage and a memorial to our past.  The last name I mention in the service will be Malinda Thomas.  She will be added to that long list of Chapel Hill saints who have preceded the rest of us into the presence of Jesus.  Come, worship, celebrate, mourn and luxuriate in what it means to be a part of the Body of Christ.  And join me in sustaining prayers for the Thomas family. 

Pastor Mark 

p.s.  This is St. Andrews Celebration Weekend.  Break out your tartan (plaid) clothing and join us tonight or tomorrow for a celebration of our Presbyterian roots…and a remembrance of the beloved Chapel Hill saints who have gone before us.