Damascus, then and now

Damascus, then and now

We have all watched with interest and trepidation the awful things happening in Syria right now.  Under Assad’s brutal regime, 12 million Syrians…half of their population…have fled the country.  It would be the equivalent of everyone west of Ohio and north of Texas fleeing their homes.  And if that weren’t awful enough, now the Russians have decided they want to be bigger players in the region. 

One group easily forgotten in this mess is the Syrian Christians, some of the earliest believers.  At one time, they comprised 10 percent of the population.  Now, they are dwindling. 

Only last summer we were studying about how Paul, on the way to Syria (the Damascus Road, remember?) was confronted and converted by the risen Christ.  Damascus is a spiritual landmark for us Christians.  Our greatest missionary met Jesus on his way there to do what Isis, Assad and the Russians are doing… persecute Christian believers.  

This weekend, we celebrate World Communion.  In all three of our services (Saturday and Sunday), we gather around the Table of the Lord and remember the mass exodus of God’s people from Egypt… and are reminded that God’s people have always been refugee people in a hostile land. 

Please, whether on Saturday night at 6:30 or Sunday at 9:00am or 10:45am,  join me at the Table of the Lord.  Let us thank God for our own deliverance even as we pray for our oppressed brothers and sisters around the world. 

Pastor Mark 

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