Baby Hackman IS not HERE yet

Baby Hackman IS not HERE yet

Yes, I am still here. The conversations in the hallway have definitely shifted from, “When is the due date?” (Sunday, October 11, BTW) to “You’re still here?” That’s a funny thing about pregnancy, I’m learning. We are full of expectation and wait and hope and then all of a sudden a trigger switches, maybe a tummy drops, and suddenly we are tired of waiting and impatient.  

That’s obviously quite tangible to me at the moment. But I know you can relate. You’re hopeful about interviewing for new jobs until suddenly it switches, and you’re frustrated. You pray for a heart change in someone you love with great expectation until one day you’ve just prayed enough and given up. You launch into the Fall eager about studying Scripture, and then you find yourself falling behind and giving up. 

Allow me to encourage you today in ways that I have been encouraged as we continue to wait. 

  • Remember that God is a seasonal God. Ecclesiastes 3 (and the Byrds) famously remind us that, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Can you identify what season you’re in? Open up these verses and let God speak to you about moving along with him in whatever this season has in store for you.
  • Remember that God is with you. Remember in Chapter 3 of The Story (or read it and catch up!) that every time Joseph finds himself in a low place, there is a reiteration that God is with him. What does that do to your frustration to know that God is right next to you?
  • Remember that God’s plan is always a plan for deliverance— you just don’t know his timeline. As you read Chapter 4, consider— what would it have been like to be one of the people groaning in the middle of the 400 year wait in Egypt for deliverance? Would your prayers be futile, given that God was going to act later? How are you joining God in awaiting his deliverance in your life and in this world? (Maybe this is a heart tug reminder on you as it is me to pull back out the prayers of the Syrian refugees from Sunday.) 

So I hope you are encouraged today. Encouraged as you wait. Encouraged to know God is with you. Encouraged to know there is nothing futile about this season. Encouraged to know God’s plan is always for deliverance. 

There is a joy in the waiting when this is our perspective. I can assure you. I am knowing the joy of the Lord as we wait even now. Truly. 

With expectation,

Pastor Megan 

PS One of the things about waiting for our baby’s arrival is that I can’t plan ahead to be a part of an on-site team for Serve Saturday. BUT! I signed up to serve by praying for the schools from home. Praying for schools is one of the site options for October 17th. How are you planning to serve? Sign up today!