Updates from Swaziland

Updates from Swaziland

This is an awesome picture of the team in Swaziland!

Here are the updates we received over the weekend.  (Short text blasts from Deb Robertson, the team leader….)

August 8th  – Just got to the farm an hour ago.  Long trip with a detour or two, but all are fine.  Just tired.  Up early for a 1 ½ hour drive to church tomorrow!

August 9th – Church and lunch at a local restaurant, then shopping at a candle factory and back to the farm to get ready for tomorrow.


(Later that day) – Services, shopping, and set up all done. Tomorrow here we come! May God be blessed by all we do!

August 10th – First day of Weird Animals went well. Kids responding, singing going well, team a bit tired. Kids told Mary Jean the program was superb!

We’ll keep you posted as we hear  more. 

Thank you for being part of the extended team!
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