Swaziland Team Departure

Swaziland Team Departure

Our Swaziland Go Team officially launched this morning. This fun picture is a reminder to swazi go teamkeep them in prayer as they make the long journey to New Life Homes. 

Some specific prayers:

  • That Peter and Mary Jean Kopp and Tiersa Chafin, our missionary partners at New Life Homes, would be especially encouraged by the team as they help to “carry the load” during the students’ term break.
  • For health and safety – particularly for Randy Stearnes who found himself in the ER last week with a knee injury.
  • That the team would be marked by unity and great love for one another as they engage in a very demanding schedule with little sleep, cross-cultural nuances, and lots of energetic kids!  Holy Spirit fill them up!

I am so proud to be affiliated with this team.  They have put in all the good, hard work of preparing, both for the “being” and the “doing” of this special opportunity.

Internet at the farm is spotty at best, so we do not expect to get lengthy updates too often. That being said, we will send along pictures as they become available. And set aside August 23rd at 7:00 p.m. in the Gathering Place for the official opportunity to hear the stories!

Thanks for being a part of their extended team.

Nikki Davidson
Go Teams Coordinator