Overflow !!

Overflow !!

When you hear the word overflow, what do you think of? A beautiful fountain in a city park? An overfull drink in an unsteady hand? Pastor Larry’s sermon illustration from Sunday? An accident you once had when removing a toilet in a home renovation? Well… Right now, I think of my two year old daughter, Evelyn. 

She’s at the stage where every single one of her emotions overflow right out of her heart and into the rest of our lives. This results in much hilarity and much frustration. Currently this week her emotions have overflowed into a screaming tantrum because she had to eat her favorite food, she had to watch her favorite TV show, she had to wear her favorite PJs, she wasn’t allowed to feed the dogs, and she wasn’t allowed to dust the furniture! Pray for me and Rachel. Please. Pray. 

But what does Jesus say about overflow? In John 7:38 He says that for those who believe in Him, rivers of living water will overflow from their hearts. Can you imagine the gushing river of water breathing life into all it touched that would result if all the believers in Gig Harbor came together with the purpose of seeing that happen? Can you imagine what it would do to the lives of those unbelievers who had joined them? Can you imagine what it would do to our community? 

That’s the hope of Overflow, an interdenominational worship event, drawing together many churches in Gig Harbor, seeking to glorify God and connect with the unchurched in our community. Tonight (Saturday) from 5-9pm we will be gathering in the amphitheater at Sehmel Homestead Park for a night of music, food and fun. Invite some friends, bring some non-perishable food for the FISH Food Bank, get some food from one of the food trucks and have a fun evening together with the rest of the Gig Harbor community. 

I’ll see you there. 


P.S. The word on the street is that the Chapel Hill band will be starting around 8pm. Please don’t use that as an excuse not to come before that, but please use it as a reason to stick around longer than you might have done!