How About Church on Saturday?

How About Church on Saturday?

On September 14, 2003, we launched a brand new Chapel Hill worship service called, oh so cleverly, “11:27.” Guess what time we met? The quirky start time was just one way of saying, “We believe God is calling us to do a new thing; to offer a new kind of worship service that will speak to the hearts of people in a different way.” We prayed for 300 to show up that first morning. The actual number was more than 660! (Of course, the fact that this was the first Sunday I was back after having a near-death ice skating accident in Sun Valley probably boosted the numbers a little bit!) 

On Saturday night, September 19 at 6:30, we will launch another brand new worship service—the first one since that September 2003 morning. We are calling it (again, oh so cleverly,) “Saturday Night at Chapel Hill.” For every person who works or has some other commitment on a Sunday morning… for every person who feels a little intimidated by a larger worship gathering… for everyone who would like a service that is a little more intimate, spontaneous and interactive… this service is for you. 

The same preacher will lead all three weekend services. Musically, it will fall somewhere between the styles of our first and second service on Sunday. We will gather in the Memorial Chapel which will be like going home for me since that’s where I began my preaching ministry at Chapel Hill… and I just love that warm, beautiful space. We intend not just to provide another worship option, but rather to introduce a different kind of experience that we hope will serve to connect people to God, to each other and to a divine sense of purpose.  

Last Sunday, I asked for volunteers to serve as our “Core” team. I shared that I had prayed for 50 people who would commit to four months of attendance and leadership. I am so pleased to say that we got 53 commitments—and we already had 20 who were “in.” Isn’t that great news?

If you are interested in being part of the core of this exciting new initiative, I invite you to come this Saturday to our prayer and planning service at 6:30 in the Memorial Chapel. You can hear more about our dream and join us in praying for God’s will to be done as we seek to reach hundreds more for the gospel of Jesus. 

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new initiative. I’m a little concerned that we are going to show up that first night and find the place packed to the gills!  But oh, what a wonderful problem that would be. 

Whether you want to be a Saturday-nighter—or are perfectly content with our awesome Sunday morning choices—will you please do two things? Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will have His way in all that we do on Saturday nights. And spread the word! Surely, you know someone who would be blessed by such an offering?

Anyhow, I hope to see many of you this Saturday, 6:30pm, Memorial Chapel! And no… I’m not going ice skating beforehand!

Pastor Mark