Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July to those of you who are reading this E-bulletin today!

This is my and Jennifer’s first July 4th holiday in Gig Harbor since moving from Southern California last fall. We are looking forward to some luscious, juicy BBQ burgers and a full display of fireworks on Raft Island! 

July 4th always brings back some of my favorite childhood memories growing up in a small town (Danville, California – population 4,000)… watching the parade go down Main Street and then eating at the annual Pancake breakfast.  July 4th will forever be associated with family and friends being together, swimming, eating watermelon and just “chill’in.”  

July 4th holiday gives us time to slow down and reflect again at how fortunate we are to live in a blessed nation. We have so much! The downside of having a lot is that we can become conditioned to want more—even more than we need—and to audaciously think that we’re entitled to it!  Oh, wretched man that I am! 

The best antidote I’ve ever discovered for controlling this voracious appetite of mine—of wanting more—is to be thankful and grateful for what I have. Somehow when I stop, slow down, and detail to God what I’m thankful for, it seems to slow my desire to consume more!! 

I pray, if you are celebrating with family and friends on this great summer holiday, take a few moments to “count all these blessings one by one”  that you might become full of gratitude to the One who is the giver of all good gifts! 

Have a wonderful 4th of July! 

Pastor Bill