Haiti: History & Vision

Haiti: History & Vision

Day Two – History and Vision

Today was our first full day of learning, conversing and dreaming. We started off with a history lesson from Joseph, our World Relief representative in Haiti. We got a better understanding of how two centuries of history directly affect behaviors and beliefs today. When Joseph is asked, “Is Haiti back to normal after the earthquake?” he says, “yes,” but normal has issues that still need to be addressed. But he is full of hope and ideas that can bring restoration and healing.

We also met with Dan, a US pastor who has served in Haiti for the past 13 years. He gradually has turned around his service to the Lord from being driven by him to having local community members taking ownership and leadership of making disciples and spreading the Good News.

Part of the day also involved visiting “Apparent Project.” This organization trains and employs parents and youth to craft jewelry, pottery and other items for sale, while providing quality childcare for their family. We were able to purchase some special new items that will be featured at the Festival of Hope in the fall (including some Seahawks/Sounder’s colored jewelry). Part of the training that we observed were the supervisors that were learning Excel on the computer (right up my alley).

My big take away so far is what I have been able to learn from the Haitian culture – ideas of how they share, pray, and trust in God.

We are all staying healthy and staying energetic and are encouraged about conversations and learning that is occurring.

-Betsy Hunt