New Saturday Night Worship Service in the Fall

New Saturday Night Worship Service in the Fall

The past few Sundays have had a particular sweetness to them.  Being led by our youth, welcoming new members, the energy around First Step and Next Step—all of these things (and more) remind me why gathering together to encounter God’s presence as a community has been such a shaping force in the life of our congregation.  As we’ve seen in the early chapters of the book of Acts, being together was a primary characteristic of the early Church, and the way in which they lived out this community drew the notice of those around them who had not yet met Jesus.  

While worship services certainly aren’t the only way to be in community with one another, I do believe gathering with your church family on a regular basis will shape your life in ways that other gatherings cannot.  But I recognize that for many different reasons, our Sunday morning worship times don’t always work well for members and friends of our church.  And so, after several years of thinking and praying and sensing the Lord’s prompting, I’m excited to tell you that on September 19, Chapel Hill will be launching a new Saturday evening worship service.  Our hope is that this service will provide an opportunity for those who cannot gather on Sundays to experience the transformative nature of corporate worship, and we are so excited about the possibilities God is laying before us.  

The new service will be held in the Memorial Chapel, a venue that provides a more intimate setting.  This will be important for the kind of service we are crafting.  It will have its own unique feel, designed with a little less structure and a little more space. Musically, it will lean towards a contemporary style; attire will be casual. In a culture starving for community, we are excited to offer an additional, smaller gathering.  Some childcare will be provided.  The same preacher will speak at all three weekend services. 

There are many more details to be hammered out.  If you would be interested in being part of the launch team for this exciting new initiative, please plan on attending one of several vision-casting meetings to hear more about this service and how you can be involved.  We will meet in the Memorial Chapel from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on Sunday, June 7, and Wednesday, June 10.  Contact either Kathryn McIvor or Ellis White with additional questions.
The last time we started a new service was 11:27 back in 2003.  The time is right and the need is great. We believe that corporate worship is critical for the way in which we can encounter God’s presence as a community. We look forward to meeting God on Saturday nights not only with Chapel Hill folks for whom Sunday is tough, but also with newcomers from our community. 
Would you please pray for this new opportunity, that the Holy Spirit will use it in a powerful way to further our disciple-making mission?
We’ll see you on Mother’s Day.

Pastor Mark 

P.S. I will be leading a “Footsteps of Paul” pilgrimage to Turkey leaving February 29. It will last 13 nights and cost $3995. An information night will be held Sunday, May 31 at 7:00 in the Prayer Chapel  We already have 18 on deposit and are limiting the group to 50. So if you would like to go, contact Kathy Berry for a brochure and deposit information.