Zambia Team Returns

Zambia Team Returns

As we enjoyed these beautiful brothers and sisters in Lusaka at the various schools under the Church of Central Africa, we recognized how we are far more similar than different.  We all share the same life challenges such as family concerns, education, parenting, and reaching out to and serving the needs of the community so that it will thrive. 

We had a great closing meeting with the leaders of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian and offered them positive encouragement for all the wonderful things they are doing and their forward thinking vision, as well as suggestions for future efforts and how we might work together to help them move forward on their vision in a sustainable way.

Our team enjoyed a debrief time at Marula Lodge near Mfuwe, in eastern Zambia. We talked over what we had experienced and thought about what might be next for our work in Zambia.  While there, we visited the local Uyoba Community School for elementary children that has recently opened a community library for the school children. It was FULL of children reading and playing word games, even though it was their holiday break. Have you ever been read to in Nyanja?? Children were able to read in both English and one of the Zambian native languages, Nyanja. Each one couldn’t wait to read to us.  Delightful and impressive!

Last, but not least, we enjoyed some African wildlife game drives, seeing lots of hippos, zebras, lions feasting on an impala, elephants, and, by the way, hearing hippos munching right outside of our rooms at night. It’s the biggest  slow munching sound one can possibly imagine!

Our team is now back and will enjoy sharing our experiences and looking forward to future work in Lusaka with the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. Thank you all for your well-wishes and prayers. The trip was a huge success from start to finish, thanks be to God!

Machelle and Bob Beilke,  Brenda and David Aston, Andrew Frost, Jo Ellen McGrath