The Envelope Please!

The Envelope Please!

It may seem like ancient history!  Things move pretty fast around here.  But you will recall that last November, we had an event called Covenant Sunday.  After several weeks studying what Jesus said a disciple “looked like” in the Sermon on the Mount, we were invited to make a covenant with the Lord; to turn in cards indicating  what next steps God was calling us to take in our own discipleship. 

Maybe you made a covenant to pray faithfully or study the word.  Maybe to practice silence or share your faith with someone.  Maybe you decided it was time to start tithing…or even start giving!  Maybe a commitment to make Sunday worship a higher priority in your life or begin to memorize God’s Word.

We told you that this was between you and the Lord; that no one would see your cards.  But that we would send them back to you within a few months as a point of personal accountability. 

Well, you should have received yours this week.  If you didn’t, it’s because you didn’t include your address on the envelope… and we did not open them to find out whose they were. 

So how are you doing?  I made four commitments.  Doing great with three… and lousy with the fourth.  So, still some work to do.  But it was a good reminder to me of how important it is that I be intentional in my own spiritual growth. 

Do you want to grow in your faith?  Many don’t; they are content to stay where they are.  But I suspect that such “static” disciples are going to find themselves increasingly uncomfortable at Chapel Hill because we are on a path of great intention in pursuing our mission of “working together to present everyone mature in Christ.”  For instance, last Sunday we offered three different classes (First Step and Next Step) to study key discipleship principles that our leadership team have found transformational.  Something like 150 folks took those classes, a great start toward our goal of 1,000 members completing the Next Step class before September. 

Anyhow, the key question is, do you intend to be a growing, changing, maturing disciple of Jesus or not?  That question can only be answered by yourself.  If you do, we can help as together, we pursue the call of Jesus upon our lives.  Those little cards you received this week are just one way.  Keep up the good work! 

Pastor Mark 

P.S. How are you doing on your 90 Day Challenge-II?  Apparently there are lots of questions about the Holy Spirit, judging from the blog responses.  Aren’t you glad we will spend three months studying Him!