Portland State University Mission Begins!

Portland State University Mission Begins!

We’ve made it to Portland State University!

(In this picture – Lizzie Unterbrink, Megan Kemp
(me), Stacie Anderson, Brian Cox and Ellis White – our team from Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church in Gig Harbor.)

We embarked on this mission this morning at 5 a.m., arriving to Portland safely and happily to join the extended team who was already in a meeting at Grace Bible Church.

After our meeting, we hit the ground running with the large question marks and various sub groups set up around the student union building. One of the groups set up a white board with the question Is Life an Accident? They asked passersby for the answers and tallied them.

Lizzie and I were part of groups who conducted world view surveys to better gauge the lens through which these students see the world. Questions led to answers on subjects like ethics; human significance; a human is…; what happens after death; the best way to find truth; and what God is.

Brian and Stacie handed out flyers and talked with students.

All of the sub groups we had set up around campus presented students with the opportunity to learn about  the formal talks that take place twice a day. For example, if one of us was discussing if life is an accident, and that led to more questions from the person, we could then invite them to a mid-day talk, or one later in the week.

The orange flyer has the week’s schedule of events.

Our two speakers from Oxford this week are Vince Vitale and Michelle Tepper. Vince talked on “Why Would God Allow Suffering” and Michelle talked on “Why One Way: Isn’t Christianity Arrogant?”.

The rest of this week will look much like today: morning flyering, engaging in conversations, lunchtime talks, and evening talks as well. We also have some fun built in too! Take a look at the campus poster some of the student ministry volunteers made that is hanging in the student union building.

Hopefully this email gives you a good idea of what we’re up to! Please pray for boldness, intentionality, and for the Lord to open their hearts and to hear.

We hope to share more stories in later communications this week! 

Photos are uploaded here, and will continue to be throughout the week.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers!