Fearless at PSU

Fearless at PSU

Today began with a vibrant prayer and worship meeting in which we talked about specific conversations we had on campus yesterday, and then we prayed together about these people – Chris, who grew up with Atheist parents, always believed there was good and evil, and had an experience where he felt like God reached out to him, and spoke to him through a Bible verse. Stacie talked to him on campus during the day, and then he showed up to the Speed Friending event we held last night. He sat down with Stacie and Michelle Tepper (one of our Oxford guest speakers from RZIM) after her talk on “What does it mean to be fearless?”

Patrick, who came to Speed Friending, who said he was lonely, whose demeanor changed when Michelle began talking, yet shifted part way through when she began to talk about God reaching out in love. Suddenly Patrick was still and captivated, looking up instead of looking down and fidgiting. Shawn Hart subsequently talked to him for close to an hour…Patrick eventually saying “I walked in here hating religion and hating that I was hearing a Christian message, but I’m leaving here tonight wanting to spend more time with you all.”

The Gospel is going out. People are hearing Truth. People are hearing God loves us, that He reaches out to us. We pray at the end of each talk. We follow up with people who want to know more, who say “Count me in!” or who want to ask a question.

Check out the Google link! We’ve added more pictures – Ellis co-facilitating Q & A after the “Isn’t Fearless Faith Irrational & Dangerous?” talk today, and some of us in talks on campus.


Lastly, there is a rumor that some guys sang “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys. Actually, there is proof in the pictures!

Tomorrow is our third day. We’re eager to share more of what God is doing down here. Thank you for your continued prayers, and words of encouragement.