The Flight Home

The Flight Home

By Pastor Greg

Hello team, as I sit here on our 9-hour flight home, I have some time to reflect on our amazing trip to serve alongside our Cambodian brothers and sisters.  What a great trip it was, and while I know the pastoral team was blessed to see the “Good,” I know that much or what was seen was simply heartbreaking for our other teams.  May we continue to pray that we will in increasing measure see our God move in Cambodia.  May we “Pray without ceasing” for our family. I heard someone say that, “once you are saved everything is spiritual.” In that vein, I would like to say that all that we accomplished (through Him) is in fact “spiritual.” All of Us were allowed to do His kingdom work. Let us never lose sight of what an astounding privilege that is. 

I know I speak for myself and Randy when I say “thanks” for making us apart of the Chapel Hill family for the past two weeks.

Nikki, while you were not on this trip, we could not have done anything we did without you. Thanks for preparing this trip in such a way that we had no need to worry about any of the details.

Dan, you are the man. You did an amazing job at keeping us on task and  keeping things so organized. Your humble-servant leadership played a significant role in making this trip as great as it was.

Dana, your sense of humor and heart for Jesus are refreshing. Your deep sense of justice is inspiring. While I recognized this early on, my favorite was when you kicked the man out of the ice cream line for Maurie-Lynn. I am grateful you did not have to punch anyone, however your willingness to do so is appreciated.

Duncan, God has huge plans for you in His kingdom. Your need to know “why” is tempered by your clear heart for the Lord. I pray your heart will continue to break for the “broken.” Always be most concerned about what He says about you. He has said that, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” and “has planned good works for you before the foundations of the earth” He will lead you, just follow.

Randy, your gift of leadership naturally comes out. You did an amazing job organizing the pastor team. If it were not for your work, our week would not have gone nearly as well. You have a insatiable desire to please God In all circumstances.

Pat, “8675309″ need I say more? When we first met you on the trip, I wondered if you would talk much, just a few hours later you were making us all laugh. In my brief conversations with you, I see a “man after God’s own heart.”

Larry, it was a blast getting to know you. You were an encouragement when I was not sure I even knew what I was doing. I do hope we can continue our friendship moving forward. Your sermon Sunday was right on point.

Megan, I appreciate your hard work on the devotional material. Also thanks for the many moments in prayer you spent for our team.

Julie, you are indeed a servant. I appreciate your willingness to serve and the humility you demonstrate by always drawing attention to others. You truly understand Paul’s charge to consider others needs first. Your sense of humor makes you fun to be around.

Scott, I am not sure we really even had a chance to talk. Watching you work is inspiring. With you , it seemed all about serving others and getting as much done as you could. Your love for Jesus is evident. May you continue to use your talents to serve others.

Kim #1 (wife of Dave). I love your attitude. You’re a bit scary (in a great way). I much enjoyed our conversations in the van and recognized a fellow conservative. You love Jesus and it’s obvious. 

Dave, your “devotion” captured your heart to always keep Christ # 1 and to not allow like other things to distract you. When you spoke I thought, “seek the first the kingdom of heaven” and “you cannot serve both God and money”. Thanks for the reminder.

Kim # 2. (the other Kim ) much of our conversations were sad, as you explained the events of your day. Your heart for others and Jesus is obvious (if I were not Texan, I might cry) thanks for the conversations and for helping me shop for my family members.

Maurie-Lynn. Thanks for always having our back regarding what to eat and what to avoid. I am
Happy that the ice incident did not go bad for you. I am sure we could never have found the moon if you had not been with us. Thanks for laughing even when what I said was clearly not all that funny. Never lose your passion to serve the “least of these.”

Craig,  you are a very humble person. It was great to get to know you and your willingness to sacrifice your body for our volleyball team was remarkable. Your gentle spirit, I am sure is appreciated by all. Thank Jesus your camera was found.

Anita, my hands still hurt after shaking hands with you. Your kids are truly blessed as all of us were on this trip. You are such a joy to be around. Thanks for all of the snacks.

Quotes of the trip:
“I am just so annoyed that I am already sticky and gross” –Kim#2 (8:30 am)

“Is that the moon” — Maurie-Lynn

“Randy keep it to 5 minutes” — Dan

“That’s a health code violation” –Duncan

“Is that legal?” — anyone driving with Rosa

” I am done” –Kim

“It’s so hot” — all the above 

” Thanks Chomno for the bacon ” — all of us 

” Where are my shoes?”  — Anonymous

“I told you (Craig) to check all of your stuff before getting off bus” Kim — (tour guide)

Let us always be mindful that apart from we are and can do nothing.
“My grace is sufficient for you …” God “

Praise Him!  

(Added by Dan for Pastor Greg):

Greg, you have a wicked sense of humor, those that want to trade quips with you, better come prepared.  You however, never miss a chance to poke fun at yourself….

It’s also clear that you have a passion for the lord & great understanding of the bible, thanks for being a resource!

Lastly, I learned coffee is important to you…. And you MUST HAVE IT first thing in the morning… even if it means trying to pass off your leftover Cambodian Riel to a cranky Korean Starbucks person (next time, just talk louder).