John 5

John 5

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus demonstrates that a person’s will and attitude has much to do with their personal healing. (1-8)
  • How is my attitude contributing toward my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health?

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Jesus seeks the Father’s will in everything he does. (19-20)
  • We disciple others by teaching them to “search the Scriptures” to learn more about Jesus. (39)

Extended thoughts and observations from Mike Diaz:

Good morning!  Thought I would beat Mark on his thoughts first for the new day.   

So…a few of my thoughts.

Loving the part where Jesus saw a man lying down and asked him ” Do you want to get well?” Then, the response of “I have no one to help me……” Then, continues with the man not honoring what Jesus had asked.

As I read this, it speaks to me to the point of asking for help continuously from Jesus….once granted and things seem to be back on track again, I fall into the trap of complacency and stifle my learning curve about the study of the Bible. “Ah, I have it down now” attitude.

“By myself, I can do nothing”

Also, playing off of that, I am touched and reminded about my duties as a mentor dad in the study of scripture from vs 39-4. Scary to think that I that I too could not have the love of GOD in me. Do I run away from my duties that Jesus has charged me with? Do I honor HIM? Why would I accept relishing in anything other than HIM? I want to be the type that burns and gives off light to my kids and others.

Hope this makes sense to all.

Your thoughts, either on this or the rest of John 5?