John 14

John 14

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus is THE WAY to God the Father. (6)
  • When I die, I am going to be with Jesus! (1-4)

 What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Those who love Jesus obey his commands (15, 21, 23)
  •  I trust the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, who lives in me and guides me as I follow Jesus and help others to do the same. (16, 17)

Extended thoughts and observations from Pastor Mark:

Good morning disciple-makers:

This chapter is massively important in our call as disciples and disciple-makers.  For a bit of a change, I’d like to underscore some of the important themes of this majestic passage by offering questions to ask yourself as you read through it:

-1-4; What do I believe about what happens to me after I die?  Why do I believe these things? What does Jesus say?

 -5-11; What do I really believe about Jesus, his relationship with the Father and his role in salvation?  Is he the unique and exclusive way to the Father or one of many?  What does Jesus say about himself?

 -12-14; Do I REALLY believe that I can do greater things than Jesus?  That I can ask for anything in prayer and receive it?  How is this possible and what is the key? 

 -15-30; What do I believe about the Holy Spirit?  What does Jesus teach me about the relationship between Father, Son and Spirit?  And do I REALLY believe that if the Spirit lives in me, that I actually am in relationship with the godhead?  (v 20)  And if Jesus says, repeatedly, that those who love him, obey him (15, 23), do I believe that?  And do the choices of my life, the way I speak, think, act, give, serve…reflect a life of obedience that demonstrates how much I really love Jesus? 

-Finally, what are the key points from this chapter where Jesus is teaching his disciples that should guide my own disciple-making?

 Enjoy this chapter.  Soak it up.