Holy Spirit in Poipet

Holy Spirit in Poipet

By Randy Cook

We have completed the week of “work” in Poipet – and were afforded the entire day of Saturday to rest and catch up on other things.  What a blessing this past week has been in so many ways.  I put “work” in quotes as it seems that so much of time we were (and are) simply in fellowship together.  Yes it’s hot and we went at it five straight days, four classes per day, but each class session and the time in between was so rewarding that you forget you’re really working!  The Holy Spirit did all the heavy lifting.

There is such a joy, a reverence, and a happiness in our Cambodian friends that is an undeniable reflection of the Holy Spirit.  At the end of the day yesterday (Friday), we were delighted to present each of the 80+ pastors with a Certificate of Achievement printed with their name in a closing ceremony.  I included pictures that capture the sheer joy expressed by each person.  Highlights of the week for me included feet washing (which brought people either to tears or joyful laughter and prayer), a joint class that Greg and I team-taught on spiritual gifts, and a Friday morning worship service filled with personal testimonies, especially thanking Pastor Larry for his teaching on Christian marriage.  Greg had requests to come back next year. 

We will have a celebration with our CHO hosts this evening (including traditional Khmer dancing which I cant wait to see Greg do), worship in a local village in the morning, then off the Siem Reap and Anchor Wat tomorrow. We will be home Tuesday.

We miss all of you and look forward to sharing how God has blessed us and our friends.

Randy Cook