Would you like to save your church some money?

Would you like to save your church some money?

A growing percentage of our Chapel Hill family is choosing to make their contributions electronically. I understand; Cyndi and I do an automatic bank draft from my paycheck to ensure that our tithe is really a “first fruit” gift.

In order to accommodate this trend and, frankly, to do so more economically and efficiently, we have set up a new way to make one-time or recurring donations. We are now using a site called “Easy Tithe” to process contributions. This is a secure website designed especially with churches in mind. We are moving to this new site for several reasons:

  1. This site allows contributions to come directly from a checking or savings account. The previous vendor did not have this option.
  2. Overall bank fees are lower on the new site (from 3.5% with a credit card to .5% with new ACH option).
  3. The new site is more user friendly.

We are encouraging donors to contribute via checking or savings account. This method of payment costs the church 0.5% of the transaction amount. A credit or debit card donation costs 2.2% of the transaction amount.

What about you? Is now a good time to set up a one-time recurring online donation? Click HERE to start (www.easytithe.com/chpc). Donations can be made online to various funds (General, Debt, Missions, Deacons, Celebrate Recovery and some specific Missions projects).

If you are currently doing online giving through Service U, we are asking that you log into your current online donation account and cancel your current recurring contribution. (Click HERE for the link for online giving through ServiceU. Click HERE for the link for debt reduction giving through ServiceU). Then set up a new recurring payment through Easy Tithe (click HERE for that link). Please complete this by March 31.

These links and instructions are also on the church website (click HERE).

The finance department is available to assist with this. They can help you via phone, email or in person.

Thank you to all our faithful and generous donors. And if you are not yet supporting your church financially, please ask yourself if you feel that Chapel Hill is a worthwhile, effective and trustworthy steward of God’s resources. If so, won’t you consider joining with those who make our ministry possible?

Pastor Mark