What was Pete thinking?

What was Pete thinking?

I haven’t taken the chance to say anything about the Super Bowl since my return from Israel.  In spite of the fact that the game started at 1:30am,, many of us did watch.  We could actually get the game on the hotel TV in Jerusalem… with Israeli commentary! 

Like so many, the topic the next morning was, “What was Pete thinking? Why didn’t he just give Marshawn the ball?” Of course, if the pass had connected instead of being intercepted, everyone would have called Coach Carroll brilliant and wily! But the clunky feeling all of us were left with was, “You didn’t need clever. Just run the ball. Great things can happen when you keep it simple.”

In a sense, for the past few weeks, we’ve just been running the ball right up the gut. As a church, we have taken on the simple challenge of reading one chapter of a gospel every day and answering two questions: “What did I learn about Jesus?” and “What did I learn about disciple-making?” I have always found Chapel Hill to be ready to rise to a challenge… but I must confess, I’ve been blessed by your perseverance and the amazing testimonies I have heard about how this simple, “up the gut” approach to spiritual growth, has had such an impact. 

Last Monday, as Cyndi and I were enjoying a day-off Starbucks together (outside in February… can you believe it?), one of our Chapel Hill women came over, hugged us both, and gushed about what a difference the 90 Day Challenge has made to her. And she’s just one of many. 

Again, I don’t know why I’m surprised. It is so simple, but it is so powerful… reflecting upon the gospel, learning more about Jesus, figuring out how to put those principles to work in our lives.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to be reminded that our life together as a congregation does not stop when we leave church on Sunday morning. Through this common discipline, our hearts and lives have been linked together in a wonderful way. 

So, dear friends, keep it up! We are half-way there. Nothing fancy. Nothing glitzy. Just right up the gut… with wonderful results!

Pastor Mark