Mark 6

Mark 6

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus was rejected by those in his hometown.
  • Our own family and friends may choose to reject us because we have chosen to follow Jesus.

 What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Jesus sent out his disciples two by two even when they were still young in their faith, yet he empowered them with his authority.
  • Jesus calls us all, no matter where we are at in our faith, our to proclaim the good news about him, and he empowers us to do so by His Spirit.

 Extended thoughts and observations from Pastor Mark:

Mark uses many of the same words and ideas over and over again; I thought I’d point out how they appear in abundance in chapter 6. 

“Amazed.” Appears 3 times in this chapter.  By verse 51, the word has already been used 9 times in the gospel. Usually used to describe the crowd’s response to Jesus’power and deeds, but for the first time, used in verse 6 to describe Jesus’response. He was “amazed”at the lack of faith of his home town people. Question-Am I still amazed at what I see Jesus doing in me and around me? And is Jesus amazed at MY lack of faith?

“Evil spirits”and “demons”. Verse 7- when Jesus sends the 12 out 2 by 2, the only thing mentioned at first on their “to do”list is that he gave them authority to cast out evil spirits. Again in 13. By this time, demons have been mentioned 8 times in Mark. It is Jesus’authority over this dark, spiritual world that is one of the defining features of his powerful ministry. Question: Do I understand that we are in a spiritual battle and do I believe that there are spiritual forces that are actually opposed to Jesus and to anything that I might do in his name?  Some give the devil and his minions too much credit. Do we give him too little?

“Immediately” By verse 45, used 8 times so far. A sense of urgency cares the gospel of Mark along. Question: Do I have any sense of urgency about the work that Jesus has called me to do?

“Crowds/so many people/etc.” By verse 34, Mark has spoken 14 times of the large and growing crowds that followed Jesus. That will reverse itself soon when they begin to realize that it is dangerous to follow Jesus. But for now…the message of Jesus and his power is hugely attractive. 

 And finally, “alone/solitary place”. By the end of chapter 6, Mark has already spoken about Jesus being alone or in a solitary place, either by himself or with the 12, NINE times! I’d never seen this before. Question: If Jesus felt it necessary to be alone with his Father and with his closest ministry partners, what does that say to me about how much alone time I am making in my life?