Back from Thailand!

Back from Thailand!

We have been back from Thailand and Burma for a little over a week. Re-entry is always an interesting phenomenon – jet lag, unpacking, laundry, and the realization that my normal life did not go on hold while I was away. And then there’s always the realization that I am not the same person that left two weeks ago; I am changed. With new friends in far away places. New things that have touched my heart. New experiences that inform how I want to live.


You may be curious to know if our team experienced that “ring of truth” we were hoping for with regard to how the Lord might be calling Chapel Hill to further engage with the Thai Christian Foundation in Thailand and Burma. I am happy to report that YES! We unanimously felt drawn to a few clear emphases.


1. In January 2016, the next Thailand/Burma Go Team will be heading back to Laytongku with a medical team and an English training team. The medical team will work with the staff at the Laytongku Health clinic to offer further training, clinic assistance, and overall support to the health initiatives provided through the clinic medics. The English training team will likely be working with the local government school as well as some of the village children and medics.


2. Another trip (January 2017?) will also form with a specific focus on the prison ministry at the House of Blessing. This team will likely work specifically with the young children in the temporary orphanage as well as a music ministry team to work in the prisons themselves.


So I hope your hearts leap a little bit when you read those beginning plans for future trips. Might the Lord be planting a little seed to perhaps join us?


Thank you, thank you, thank you from our entire team – for your prayers and shared love for the poor, isolated, and disenfranchised in Thailand and Burma. I know that I speak for the team when I say that it was our extreme privilege to serve as a bridge between our Gig Harbor community and the many villages and groups of friends that we visited on this Go Team adventure.


For those who are local, know that you are invited for dinner and a more extensive recap of our trip on Monday, February 9th. If you’re interested, just be in touch with the Missions Department at Chapel Hill (253-851-7779).


Picture the team sending our greetings in the Thai manner (called the “Y”) of pushing our hands together and giving a small bow. Love to you all.