Someday, I really ought to get to that…

Someday, I really ought to get to that…

I don’t know how many times over my ministry I’ve heard people say, “Someday, I really ought to start reading the Bible.” They know that a disciple cannot grow without understanding God’s word. They know that time spent every day in the scripture and in prayer has been proven, scientifically, to produce all kinds of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. They know it is something they ought to do because they call themselves disciples of Jesus.

Still…it’s always “someday…someday…someday.”

So, how about today? How about now? It will never be easier for you to begin the discipline of bible-reading than right now. Your church has called its members to a 90 Day challenge, reading one gospel chapter every day and answering two simple questions: what do I learn about Jesus from this chapter and what do I learn about disciple-making. The sermons are going to refer back to the previous week’s readings. The daily blog…every single day…provides personal reflections on that passage from me and other leaders. You have a journal to remind you to be regular in this study and in which to write your reflections. And your friends and family are doing it, too.

How about you? No more “somedays.” How about today? I am given to understand that if you do something for 30 days, it becomes a habit. Imagine if you do something for 3 X 30 days, what a difference it might make? Imagine if, by Palm Sunday, you have the clearest picture you’ve ever had of who Jesus is, what he taught and did, what he is calling us to be and do? It could change your life…and it will certainly change our church.

So, I challenge you. No more excuses. No more putting it off. Someday has come! You may access a journal HERE and the blog HERE.

And when I see you Sunday, we will talk together about what we have all been studying this week.

You can do it! God bless you as you do.

Pastor Mark