Matthew 9

Matthew 9

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus claims to be God (verses 1-8).
  • He loves to do new things that unsettle us… and that old systems can’t hold.

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Disciples are called right in their places of work (verse 9).
  • He commands us to be good shepherds to the crowds…harassed and helpless. 


Extended thoughts and observations:

The more we know Jesus, the better we will imitate him. That’s why we are doing this. Please share briefly your thoughts with someone else to practice what it means to disciple others in knowledge. Remember, disciple-making can be simply sharing what God is teaching you with someone else. Consider talking about what you’re learning with the person on the next treadmill you see every week, at the dinner table, or in the break room.

Here are my observations about chapter 9:

Notice, the “go” theme continues in verses 6, 13 and 24. How many “go’s” are in these last two chapters? Unsurprisingly, this is Matthew’s passion considering HE is the one who quotes the Great Commission.

Jesus claims to be God! That is the gist of the first periscope, verses 1-8. Who else can forgive sin but God? This is exactly what the Pharisees realize which is why they consider Him a blasphemer. When people claim that Jesus never said He was God, this is one of the rebuttal verses.

This is the chapter where Jesus begins to take on the Pharisees. Notice how prominent they are. Also, how they try to undermine him with His own disciples. Never forget– it was the hyper-religious folks who were most serious about their faith with whom Jesus battled. As I become MORE serious about following Christ, I must be cautious of this kind of spiritual pride.

Matthew’s autobiographical moment!  If YOU were to write the story of how Jesus met YOU, and the difference that it made, what would you say? Good practice. 

An incredible string of powerful displays! 

All of us must respond to verses 37-38. Will we be among the workers??? The crops are leaning, they are so heavy!