Matthew 8

Matthew 8

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus has the power to heal—physical and spiritual (see esp. verse 16).
  • Jesus has power over nature (verse 26).
  • Jesus was a “going” God…he “goed” (went) and He bids us to go in faith and obedience. Where do I go today at His bidding?

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Sometimes disciples evidence severe doubt (see verse 23-27).
  • It is costly to follow Christ…and He is not going to beg us to do so. He invites and we decide, or not. Verses 18-22; 34. 


Extended thoughts and observations:

Leprosy- this was the first time the disease was mentioned by name. I wonder if the leper was emboldened after he heard that everyone on that mountain was blessed? Leprosy was the ultimate societal curse. What courage it must have taken. Notice the beginning of a pattern… Jesus heals and then ‘shushes,’ not wanting them to share who he is. 

Notice all the “I” statements- Jesus is central from the moment He leaves the mountain. Verse 3- I am (reference to Yahweh?); Verse 7- I will go; Verse 10- I tell, I have not; Verse 11- I say…

Centurion- a non-Jew, member of occupying force, has ‘great faith’ and the revolutionary idea of Gentiles ALSO being blessed of God is introduced! And continued when he crosses the lake to Gaderenes, a Gentile city.

By contrast, the disciples are “little-faiths” in the boat- Verse 26. 

Peter, the first pope, was married! Verse 14.

Also, notice the “go” statements! Verses 4, 7, 13, 19, 21, 32…and, essentially, 34, when the people plead with Him to leave their region, i.e., “go.” How awful it must have been for Him; He delivers two tortured men from demons, sending them into the pigs… and the people of the town (the non-believing Gentiles in the same chapter as the great faith centurion gentile) are more upset about their financial losses (the pigs) than they are amazed by the salvation of the demoniacs. Can you imagine… “Jesus, please leave us. Please don’t stay here. It costs us too much to have you in our town?” Yet…how many of us essentially say the same thing? The most terrible words a person can speak: “Jesus, please leave.”

What are you learning about Jesus?