Matthew 6

Matthew 6

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus had a lot to say about praying, fasting, money, and anxiety.

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Disciple-making requires a loyalty to serve God rather than money.
  • Jesus expects us to give, pray, and fast. 


Extended thoughts and observations:

Jesus expects us to give, pray, fast… that’s the starting point. He assumes we will do these things as part of our discipleship. (I am not a good faster. Confession)

But here’s the deeper issue. He always goes deeper in the Sermon on the Mount. Our hearts need to be right. We don’t do anything of these things to show off… to be honored by men… but to be honored by God.  

Jesus spends extra time on money. Key thought for our culture. Where my money is, there my heart is. Is the opposite true? Do we give where are our hearts are? My opinion… if you want to see how really devoted someone is to Christ… look at their checkbook. This is one of the biggest areas of hypocrisy in our culture. We talk a good game… but we have still not “baptized” our wallets. It’s an indication of how addictive money and things can be… and how idolatrous. And it is an ongoing battle. I KNOW how faithful God has been to me financially… I tithe and plus… and yet, I STILL get anxious about retirement, etc. It is pathetic and embarrassing.

Which leads into the last section and my biggest abiding sin… worry. Every time I worry, it’s another way of saying, I really don’t believe God will take care of me. Little-faith…

My thoughts. How about yours? What is one thing you learn about Jesus and one thing he is telling you to do?