Matthew 5

Matthew 5

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus taught about sin and the law as deep issues of the heart.
  • Jesus says unexpected things, like “Blessed are those who mourn.”

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Disciples sit at Jesus’ feet and learn from him.
  • Jesus intends his disciples to follow him in a public way.


Extended thoughts and observations: 

This is a horrible chapter if it depends upon us. Jesus takes the laws of the Pharisees… and ups the ante on every one with his six “you have heard it said but I tell you.” It’s not enough to not murder, not commit adultery, etc. He makes it harder and deeper. Don’t be angry, reconcile quickly, don’t cultivate lust with a second look, don’t manipulate people or God with oaths…and then, even more radically, don’t resist evil people, treat them kindly, give them more than they want, LOVE them…

Jesus moves from visible actions to heart intentions. He makes it even more impossible to please God… unless we understand “salt and light.” Notice, we don’t BECOME salt and light. If we belong to him, we ALREADY ARE salt and light. We don’t try to be that… we make our efforts to simply be what Jesus has already made us to be. HE is the one who imparts “saltiness” to us. HE is the light who shines through us. Our job… draw near to Christ… stay near his people… think on him and study him and get to know him better and better every day… and in so doing, we stay salty and we keep the lid off our life.

What are we doing today to STAY salty…to LIFT the LID off the light that is already flickering inside…and wants to glow.

Those are my thoughts for today.