Matthew 3

Matthew 3

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • God called Jesus his “beloved Son” when he was baptized by John the Baptist.
  • Jesus has “fulfilled all righteousness.” 

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Repentance was the first step to being baptized.
  • God is looking for his followers to produce “good fruit.”


Extended thoughts and observations:

Today is Matthew 3. John the Baptist’s preaching and Jesus’ baptism. Things to ask as you read the text:

  • Why were people willing to go out to the wilderness to listen to this guy? His message wasn’t exactly fluffy. 
  • What is repentance? Notice they were confessing their sin in order to be baptized. 
  • Notice food language…fruit and wheat. What kind of fruit do WE bear in our lives? 

So…if Jesus was perfect, why did HE get baptized? I think it was to identify with the sinful people he came to save.

Notice the words of God from heaven after Jesus is baptized. He was well-pleased with his beloved Son. Do you long to have God say that of you? IN what way IS God pleased with you, as his child in Christ? What ways need to be confessed and forgiven?

This daily work takes practice. If you stick with it, in 90 days you will have a new pattern of life and you will understand Jesus better. I hope you will.

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