Matthew 17

Matthew 17

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus is God’s Son and furthermore, is not a son of the earth (verses 5, 24-27).
  • Jesus knows the plan to be killed and resurrected (verses 22-23).

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Jesus let his disciples know the direction they were heading (verses 22-23).
  • Faith grows over time—the disciples had enough faith to cast out some demons, but their faith needed to grow to tackle others (verse 20).


Extended thoughts and observations from Pastor Mark:

Just a reminder today -this is not just something to check off our list in the morning. This is a 90-day journey to get to know Jesus better so that we can be better disciples of his. I urge you to remain diligent… and to invite others to join you in this journey.

I love the transfiguration story because it is a template of the father’s blessing upon a child—something that is essential for a kid to grow up with a sense of love and self-assurance. There are four parts: This is my Son (You belong to me!); whom I love (I love you); with Him I am well pleased (I am proud of you); Listen to him! (I am aware of what you do well.)

You belong to me…I love you…I am proud of you…I can name what you do well…speak those things into ANYONE’S life…your child…your disciple…and it will bring blessing.

Another thought: for the first time I noticed how frustrated Jesus is becoming with His disciples. Is it because the pressure is on—He’s about to go to Calvary and they are STILL not ready to do what He needs them to do? Notice how many times He comments on their “little faith”: Matthew 14:31; 15:16; 16:8,23; 17:20. These pronouncements usually come after incredible displays of power.

My learning…no matter how I see God at work, I still struggle with faith…i.e., REALLY believing that things will be okay because God is in control. What “mountain” does Jesus want me to speak to today?

How about you all?  Blessings to you this day.