Matthew 14

Matthew 14

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus insists on his own self-care.
  • Jesus commends the risk-taking Peter, even when he fails.

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Bring Jesus what you have—he will multiply it (verses 19-20).
  • Respond to Jesus’ invitation to, “Come” (verse 29).


Extended thoughts and observations: 

Again, I offer my thoughts on the chapter of the day just to jog your own.  I’d encourage you to read and reflect upon the chapter BEFORE you read my stuff. Remember to focus in on our 2 questions (above).

Chapter 14 reminds us that Jesus is the Lord over creation, too. He multiplies fish and loaves, walks on water, and (apparently) calms the storm when He gets into the boat. We need to remember that Jesus is the creator and Lord of the universe.

Herod didn’t want to kill John but got backed into a corner because of stupid boasts…and his ego. How many times have either or both of those gotten us in trouble?

Verse 13- Jesus wants to mourn and draws away to do so; instead, He is inundated by people who “want a piece of him.” He insists that the disciples step up to the spiritual need… training His leaders. Note the 12 basketfuls after the miracle… one remainder for each disciple. One question: apart from His resurrection, this is the ONLY miracle that appears in all four gospels. Why is that, do you think? 

Verse 22- Notice that Jesus insists on His own self-care. He had tried to do so in 13 and was interrupted. He makes a point of solitude and prayer. When was the last time you went away just to be with God and pray? We ought to discuss this as part of our own spiritual self-care. 

We make fun of Peter sometimes, but he’s the only one who had the guts to step out of the boat. Yes, he sank… but he failed spectacularly, trying to follow Jesus. Apparently, Jesus found that commendable. Attempt great things for Christ…even if it is risky.

Literal Greek for Vs. 31 is “little-faiths.” That’s what He called His disciples- “little-faiths.” I don’t want Jesus to call me that…

Verse 32- again, notice the divine attribution- Son of God…very words that will be used by Centurion at the cross following His death in chapter 27.  Again…do we REALLY see Jesus as He is?  Creator and Lord of Universe, divine Son of God…

My learning…I want to be more courageous in following Christ.