Matthew 10

Matthew 10

What did I learn about Jesus?

  • Jesus passed on his authority to heal and teach to his followers.
  • Jesus sent his followers to face persecution without fear.

What did I learn about disciple-making?

  • Jesus promised that the road would not be easy for disciple-makers; there would be persecution and hatred directed at his followers (verses 16-26).
  • Don’t “chase” people with the Gospel. Jesus never did. Offer Him. 


Extended thoughts and observations: 

Look at the motley crew to whom Jesus entrusted the Gospel. We are as “capable” as they are because we are called and Holy-Spirit gifted. The question is, will we be obedient? 

Trust Jesus to provide you with what you need in life. We really don’t; we trust ourselves. 

Don’t “chase” people with the Gospel. Jesus never did. Offer Him. To those who receive, give them more. To those who reject, move on and leave them to the Lord.

Trust that the Holy Spirit will provide you with the words to say at the right time. Don’t get hung up on “knowing enough” or “saying it right.” Brace yourself for disappointing rejection, even from those to whom you are closest. 

Don’t be afraid of the Devil and his minions. They will lose and we will win because Christ has already won.

Finally, my relationship with Jesus is more important than any other relationship in the world. If I love him most, He will give me others. If I love others most, I will have neither them nor Him.

Again, the question is…do I believe that Jesus sends ME to the world…and will I obey and trust?