How About a Party?

How About a Party?

Sunday, November 23, will be “Covenant Sunday” at Chapel Hill, the conclusion of a month during which we have focused with laser-like intensity on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  We’ve journaled our way through the “Sermon on the Mount,” asking the question, “What does Jesus call me to do as his disciple?”  We’ve shared in weekly days of prayer and fasting—one more next Wednesday—and I’ve heard from many how deeply this season of Covenant has impacted you.

On Covenant Sunday, we will gather for worship.  Each of us will fill out a Covenant card which we will place inside a self-addressed, sealed envelope.  This card will represent our personal commitment to grow as the Lord leads.  It will be personal and private, just between you and God.  As we turn in our card, it will be our covenant with Jesus  to follow him more diligently.  And three months from now, we will mail your envelope back to you as an encouragement in your discipleship journey.

Then, following both services, party time!  We will make our way to the beautifully decorated Gathering Place.  We will feast together on a complimentary breakfast and we will enjoy time with our fellow “covenanters.”  Please, even if you are normally an out-the-door-as-fast-as-possible sort of worshiper, will you stick around for the fun?

Before then, I have one more ask.  Will you please take the time right now to sign up for a thirty minute segment in our 24 hour Prayer Vigil on November 22? LINK  My LifeGroup is going to pray together; maybe that would suit you, too.  My hope is that we will bathe this entire experience in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to stir us and strengthen us to obey his call upon our lives.    

Just imagine if thousands of us got serious about being true disciples of Jesus… and making true disciples for Jesus.  Just imagine!

Pastor Mark