Why would you go to a family reunion?

Why would you go to a family reunion?

The first time I really remember meeting my cousins that live up in this part of the country was at a Family Reunion at Lake Powell. We bought our first family minivan for the cross-country trip from Tennessee to the West. We had funny blue t-shirts that all matched. My cousins taught me how to water ski. My uncles taught me to see constellations. I was introduced to that weird drink, Five Alive. Family Reunions are about introductions to stories and experiences that you are deeply connected with but haven’t even yet had the chance to hear.

That’s what Chapel Hill’s upcoming Family Reunion is about. It’s the opportunity to be introduced to stories and experiences from around the world. If you’re new to Chapel Hill, this is the perfect weekend to join in! Chapel Hill has long been deeply partnered with missionaries around the globe. You, a member of God’s family, are deeply connected to the work God our Father is doing in his Family from here to Cambodia, across Thailand, into Swaziland, pitstopping in San Francisco, and all the way back. You have a chance to hear those incredible stories and to experience life with these far off brothers and sisters next week.

Next week! I’m so excited! Here’s the family plans:

Saturday: Serve Together. What better way to be the family of God than to serve like the family of God?! Find where you want to serve online  and sign up ahead of time at the Connect Center this Sunday. Then meet us at 9:00am in the sanctuary for the send off. We’ll all come back together for a celebration at 11:45am. If you can’t serve in person, please serve by providing some of the materials needed for the projects by Tuesday November 4. Items needed are on page 4 of this document. 

Sunday: Worship Together in the morning; Story-Telling in the evening. The family that eats together stays together, so we’re eating at 5:30pm in the Gathering Place. Please sign up for dinner at the Connect Center Sunday ($5 per person or $20 per family max). Stick around and hear the stories in depth. You’ll get a chance to hear from two partners of your choice in two break out sessions from 6:15-7:00pm and 7:15-8:00pm.

Monday: Hang out in Gig Harbor. Keep an eye HERE for updates. 

Tuesday: Grab coffee around town in the morning. Find out who is where HERE

Wednesday: Eat, worship, and serve some more at Wednesday Night Life. Dinner begins at 5:00pm and The Table, Xtreme, and Going Global continue at 6:30.

It’s not very often that we get to have the whole family together. So don’t miss this opportunity to serve, worship, and eat together!

Pastor Megan

P.S. Don’t forget that the clocks FALL BACK this weekend!