Thank you from Pastors Larry & Megan!

Thank you from Pastors Larry & Megan!

Three weeks ago you as members of Chapel Hill confirmed that we, Larry & Megan, are called to serve you by casting your votes for us to be your associate pastors. This past week the members of the Presbytery—the regional body of elders—also voted to confirm this call. Our hearts are full of gratitude. Thank you for your trust and encouragement. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you and participating with you in the eternal story God is writing right here in Gig Harbor.

Larry and I make an annual practice of remembering all that God has done in our lives. Last night, over our wedding anniversary dinner, we walked through this past year recalling significant moments as your assistant pastors, and in particular, this past year. Was it only a year ago that we were working through Hebrews together? What a joy it was to write my first Bible study for you! It has been a year of deep growth in both of us. Larry shared about his own growth as he led the church over the summer while Mark was on sabbatical. We lived into the seasons fully in both the rhythm of the church and the beauty of the PNW. We have made a home here. And you have become family. Thank you.

Our confirmation as associates wasn’t the only thing to happen at the recent presbytery. Pastor Bill MacDonald was examined by the presbytery and warmly welcomed into his call. Pastor Bill and Jennifer are currently on the road, ferrying the remainder of their belongings up to Gig Harbor. When you see Bill and Jennifer this Sunday will you show your appreciation for them and congratulate them for their call to our church? Larry and I are both excited to see Bill be welcomed into our church just as we were.

As we sat at dinner last night, we also looked forward to this coming year. There are some family traditions we are excited about celebrating with you!

It’s time to dig out your tartan! October 26th we will be celebrating St. Andrews Sunday. This Chapel Hill family holiday is a mash-up of Scottish heritage and the traditional “All Saints Day” celebrated by the Church all over the world. So go ahead and find your plaid — I mean, tartan— and get ready to celebrate with us.

I’m also excited to be meeting some of our “extended family” during the missions Family Reunion November 8-12. Many of you have long histories with the Eubank family in Thailand and the Kopp’s in Swaziland. Many of you have been serving weekly at the Purdy Prison. Some of you have visited our brothers and sisters in Christ in Cambodia. You all are sharing those family stories with the rest of us! This Family Reunion is the opportunity to pull down the old family album and have these long-time mission partners share with us things like:

• Do you know about your brother who survived the Khmer Rouge? Meet Chomno!
• Do you know the story of the Talako people in Thailand? You’re going to see them in heaven, because Allan Eubank has been bringing the Good News of the Gospel to them for 60+ years. Let his daughter tell you some of their story…

Sign up on Sunday to serve alongside our mission partners on Serve Saturday, November 8th

So cheers to being one family, united in Christ! Cheers to family traditions! And cheers to the confirmed call of being a pastor in this family.

Pastors Megan & Larry