Disciple-Making Next Steps

Disciple-Making Next Steps

Conversations around the church these last two weeks sound like people excited about connecting. Connection has been happening on Wednesday nights at The Table as people meet and are challenged to discuss how Sunday morning’s call to imitate Christ gets traction in our own life. Connection has been happening as our new pastor, Pastor Bill, shared his life story at Celebrate Recovery last week when people were able to connect their own story with his. Connection has been happening (of all places) at Forza as I’ve gotten into many conversations with our missionaries, area pastors, other followers of Jesus in other churches, and people from Chapel Hill about how we are all sensing God calling us to follow Jesus somehow together.

That’s what we are about Chapel Hill. Figuring out this life as disciples of Jesus, working together to present everyone mature in Christ. So if you want to connect; if you’ve been feeling like you’re disconnected; if you feel like you’ve been getting information without seeing change in your own life; if all these words like “disciple,” “connection” and “together” seem really foreign; if you want to be in this together, don’t miss the opportunity to take next steps with us.

Your next step might be to bookmark next Wednesday and join us at The Table If you’re feeling disconnected, jump in on a table and introduce yourself. Or help someone else connect— bring someone with you whose story you’ve wanted to get to know more. They’ll be an opportunity for you to share a meal, talk about the Bible together, and share communion and prayer.

Your next step might be to say, I’m on information overload without seeing any change in my own life but I’m ready. Come join Celebrate Recovery tonight at 6:30 in the Memorial Chapel. They’ll share their story with you and invite you, as you’re ready, to share yours with them.

Your next step might be to find out what we’re talking about and where we’re headed with all this disciple-making stuff. Sign ups are now open for our membership class called Chapel Hill All In. You can use the month of October to explore what all these terms are and decide if you’re ready to be a member who has committed to “working together” on what it means to follow Jesus as his disciples.

We know those in our active military forces experience a particular sense of disconnection and longing for community. We want to share a meal with you and connect you with other folks in the same situation. So if this is your particular need for connection as an active military individual or family, please join us next Thursday, October 2nd at 6:00pm for a casual potluck.

To be Jesus’ disciples, we need to be connected to one another. I hope you’ll continue to grapple with disciple-making with us.

Pastor Megan

P.S. Larry and I are looking forward to Sunday, as you’ll be voting on a recommendation to call us as your associate pastors. This means a deeper level of connection for us in this community, and I hope you’ll be in the sanctuary at 10:00am this Sunday to be part of that.