Up, In, Out

Up, In, Out

We describe our call as a church in 3 directions: UP, IN, and OUT. Each direction represents a relationship and an action. We live UP as a community of worship in relationship with God. We live IN as a community of discipleship in relationship with one another. And we live OUT as a community of mission to others in relationship with the world. 

Some of the way that we live OUT as a congregation is through relationship with mission partners, relationships that take time and engagement. We experience mutual transformation with our 39 missions partners and projects as we serve together, intercede prayerfully and partner financially locally and globally. We have been looking for six months for staff who can invest their time to help us, as a congregation, be the community of mission to the world we know God has called us to be.

So after having conversations with gifted people from as close as Seattle to as far as South Africa, we found the best fit for our missions department were people right here within our own community of mission. We have now staffed the Missions Department at Chapel Hill, and I am excited to get to re-introduce these friends of ours to you in their new roles.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce our missions team:

Julie Hawkins, Director of Missions
Who is Julie? Daughter of the church, wife to Joey, mom to Aurelia and Marguerite
How has she been in relationship with the world (OUT)? Julie has long prayed for and spent time living in Central Asia. Her relationship with the world continues from Gig Harbor as she keeps up-to-date with what is happening around the globe, as she leads MOPS, and as she maintains deep friendships with friends and family living in multiple cultures.
What will she be doing? Primarily engaging our church projects and partners.
Why would you contact Julie? If you advocate for one of our church partners or projects or if you want to be engaged with one; or if you want to relate with someone who loves hot sauce, traveling, and eating good food from scratch.

Beth Burgess, Assistant Director of Missions
Who is Beth? Elder, wife to John, mom to Casey and Ryan
How has she been in relationship with the world (OUT)? Beth invests in relationships deeply. She shares Jesus authentically everywhere from her front yard, to the boys’ school, and across the globe with mission partners in India.
What will she be doing? Primarily engaging our member projects and members who are looking for a place to serve.
Why would you contact Beth? If you are an advocate for a member project, or if you are looking for someone to talk through where you could plug in with missions at Chapel Hill or around the world; or if you have someone you want the church to consider partnering with; or if you want to relate with someone who loves board games and the local theater or who cooks great potluck dishes.

Nikki Davidson, GO Team Coordinator
Who is Nikki? Member of the church, wife to Andy and mom to Natalie, Alyssa, Caroline, Savannah and Elliana
How has she been in relationship with the world (OUT)? Nikki’s global experiences and relationships cross the globe from Gig Harbor to the Holy Land to India and back again. She is passionate about Jesus, fair trade, local and urban missions, justice, and you being passionate about those, too!
What will she be doing? Working with the team leaders of upcoming GO Teams (our short-term teams) including teams serving with Cambodian Hope Organization in February and our local partners over spring break.
Why would you contact Nikki? If you have been sensing that it is time to step of out your comfort zone and want to consider being a part of an upcoming team; or if you are looking for a play date for a wide age range of children, a listening ear or a thrilling international article.

Aren’t you excited about this team?? Each member of the team will be working a variety of part-time hours, so email is the best way to contact each of us. I am excited to keep missions on my job description as your Assistant Pastor. I’ll be able to be a part of envisioning where God is leading us missionally.

The four of us will be together in the offices beginning August 26th, so please pardon delayed responses at this time. We wanted to get the news out to you early!

Welcome them! And please pray for them! Pray for unity and friendship among our staff and for how God is leading us as a congregation— as a community of mission to the world.

That all may know that the Kingdom of God is at hand,

Pastor Megan