The San Francisco Church Plant Launched!

The San Francisco Church Plant Launched!

I have to share with you a story from this week. Who was here when Troy Wilson, the San Francisco church planter was here at Chapel Hill? They just gathered for their first worship service two Sundays ago! They are calling their church The Table in recognition that everyone is welcome. Also, San Francisco people are hungry, and we want to provide them with what truly satisfies— the Good News. So! They had their first Sunday in a beautiful art gallery that reflects their congregation!

Crystal Hampton, one of our members, had been keeping her ears open for ways that we can bless the missionaries that we support. Crystal serves on an advisory team that helps us as a church maintain relationships with our 44 mission partners. We had spoken just a few weeks prior about the fact that we have a little money to support and care for our missionaries. Crystal asked if we could send flowers to the Wilson family in celebration with them that The Table had launched. Absolutely! Crystal ordered the flowers and balked at how expensive they were! Flower delivery in San Francisco, you bet! Was the gesture of flowers worth the $100?

Well, it certainly can be when God is involved. We received a thank you from Troy, and this is what he said: “Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement and encouraging words of Revival! My neighbor across the hall from my condo—Joey, a 20-something art student I’ve been sharing Christ with—saw me receiving the bouquet and said, ‘Wow Troy, you have a secret admirer?’ Caroline (Troy’s wife) overheard Joey and said, ‘Yeah, it’s me!’ Joey said, ‘I’m sure it’s someone who likes what you’re doing in the City. By the way, I’d like to go to the church so maybe you could knock on my door to make sure I’m awake…’”

Don’t you love that?? God’s timing is so perfect. The Holy Spirit prompted Crystal’s heart to celebrate with The Table. She prayed for revival and sent a prayer that God would move in San Francisco to draw people to himself. God provided the money through our missions funds to celebrate with them! And God used a bouquet of flowers to be a part of that revival movement we prayed for! Can we just praise God for that?!?!

That is so like God. We give a meager offering, take a seemingly insignificant gesture, we balk at the expense, and God just satisfies that desire of ours to see him at work. Offer back to God what he has given you in your work today and see how he will multiply it so that the world thrives and he is glorified.

I pray you see God at work today!

Pastor Megan

P.S. We are approaching the end of the fiscal year and are running about $135,000 behind.  As you would expect, we are managing our expenses accordingly, if we do not make up this shortfall, it will present a challenge to us in budgeting for next year’s program and staffing. If you are tithing and giving generously, as many of you are, thank you.  We could not do it without you!  If you are not currently giving could I ask you to consider what part you may play to ensure that our ministries continue?