Shoveling Manure Against the Tide

Shoveling Manure Against the Tide

Recently I wrote here about a resolution adopted by the Peninsula School District Board urging the Gig Harbor City Council to limit or restrict entirely retail marijuana outlets in the city of Gig Harbor. Because marijuana use among minors is higher than average in our area and because of the proven damaging effects of marijuana on developing brains, the school board unanimously concluded that easier access to this drug would be harmful to local children.

At a recent special meeting, the Chapel Hill session voted unanimously to concur with the school board’s resolution. We will have elders present at the June 9th City Council meeting (at 7:30) to briefly address this matter and express our support of district leadership on behalf of kids. I strongly urge all Chapel Hill folks who share this concern to attend that meeting as well and offer a witness of polite presence.

But a few have expressed concern with this decision. Marijuana has, after all, been legalized by a vote of the people, and isn’t a resolution like this pointless, really? Isn’t it like shoveling manure against the tide? A fruitless effort to stem the cultural changes that are sweeping over us?

My response would be, “Probably.” It is unlikely that such an action taken in little Gig Harbor will make much difference. It may indeed seem futile, but sometimes standing for what seems futile is what we as Christians are called to do. Just because the current cultural changes seem inevitable doesn’t mean that we should not be willing to stand, to have our voice be heard, and to speak into the confusing and destructive trends of our society. Nude bars, casinos and Wal-Marts are also legal in this state, and yet, as a community, Gig Harbor has said, “No… not here. That is not who we want to be as a city.” Because marijuana is legal does not mean that it is good for us, and there is nothing wrong with the City saying, “No…that is not who we are as a community.”

And if the Church and the State can stand together in a prophetic declaration like this, all the better.

So, I invite you to bring your shovels and join us on Monday night, June 9 at 5:30 at Gig Harbor City Hall.

Pastor Mark

P.S. We just had one of the worst Mays financially that we have had in many years. This is interesting to me because attendance is up, membership is up and so many indicators suggest health and vitality. If you are excited about our mission and ministry, we need you to stand with us financially and prayerfully as we try to end our fiscal year on a strong note.