The Market at Chichi and Travel to Nebaj

The Market at Chichi and Travel to Nebaj

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today we spent the morning in Chichicastenango. The highlights were, of course in the market where we haggled with the vendors. Everyone felt successful in their negotiations. No doubt those satisfied included the vendors who unquestionably have dealt with the likes of us before. The people in Chichi are nice, gentle people and have a great sense of humor.

After a huge lunch we left for Nebaj and arrived around 5pm. One minor accident left Steve with a minor laceration which he ha somewhat successfully milked for extra attention from his wife, Lynn, who is a nurse. Many offers to sew up his wound were graciously (somewhat) declined. 

The team is melding quickly which can be attributed to our love  of God and our love of laughter. 

It would be unfair not to mention the awesome devotional that Gerry Cravens led on the topic of gentleness. Keep praying for us Chapel Hill.

Phil DeVault