Back to School

Back to School

Group devotions begin our day at 6:30 am. We are thankful for this time of preparation and learning and sharing together as a team. We are loving on each other as we grow together.

Today was our play day with the school children. Many team members shared that the highlight of the day was seeing the children present their program to us in song, dance(5 kindergarteners in their best clothing),and in warm welcomes from the teachers.

The children from K-6 were ready for lots of action. We played jump rope, bean toss, parachute games, made flowers, made animals with play-doh, hand stamps. Barb taught a nutrition class to two classes because there still remains malnutrition in the children.

Rain and dense fog settled in for the afternoon so for safety on the treacherous roads the team left the village in the early afternoon. We arrived safely in Nebaj at our wonderful Santa Maria Hotel for a delicious warm meal. The team thanks you all for the prayer for health and safety.
Chrisitan growth abounds. We are renewing friendships in Villa Hortencia and it is beautiful.