For Burma, for the Kingdom

For Burma, for the Kingdom

The Sunday Larry and I interviewed at Chapel Hill we met Dave Eubank. I remember thinking Dave looked like he’d come in directly from a hike in the mountains and immediately self-identified that I would not be able to keep up with this man on a hike. The lasting impression however was not of a hiker but of a man of prayer. He prayed for us as we discerned calls to the pastorate and to Chapel Hill in particular.

Now we are here, and he is there. Where’s there? Burma. The Eubank family serves the people of Burma by sharing Jesus as they defend, feed, heal, train, and serve the people of this beautiful, broken country. 

This Sunday after second service we will be hosting the eleventh annual Run for Relief, now an international event. We run (or walk) by choice for exercise and fun while many run in Burma for their lives. As I practiced running the Cushman Trail in the gorgeous sunshine Monday, I was forced to remember that should it downpour on Sunday during the run, I would only be sharing in the suffering of the people of Burma in the smallest of ways.

Please consider spending 5 minutes getting to know these missionary partners and the family of Christ that is ours in Burma. And join me in running to support the suffering and the financial need for our friends there.

Today’s Headlines for Burma: Includes a few anti-trafficking articles

Free Burma Rangers: Home Page for Dave Eubank’s organization website

White Monkey: The famous home video from Dave’s family 4 years ago

Prayers for Burma: Click on “Global Day of Prayer for Burma” for specific requests


Pastor Megan

P.S. Come to worship in your running gear! Run for Relief will begin after second service.