Are You Artsy and Can You Help?

Are You Artsy and Can You Help?

Next January when I lead my tenth group to Israel, we will visit two of my favorite and most beautiful sites.  Mt. Tabor, the traditional site of the transfiguration of Jesus, features an exquisite mosaic of the Lamb of God slain for the sins of the world.  We will stand under the arch of that sanctuary, drink in the pathos of that image, and sing songs of worship.  Then in Gethsemane, we will visit what I think is the most beautiful church in Israel.  Built upon the rock reputed to be the place where Jesus prayed the night he was arrested, the windows of this church are filled with purple-hued alabaster.  They produce the most gorgeous and restful light in that sanctuary.

I love how the arts contribute to our worship of God.  I know what I like when I see it, value it dearly…and, frankly, don’t have a clue how to produce it.  I am not an artsy guy.  Thank God the Church is filled with people of all sorts of giftings, including the arts.

We need your help.  We want to build a team to strengthen the arts as an expression of our worship, especially on Sunday mornings.  See if any of these areas suit you:

Sermon Video Support-I need someone who would like to take my Sunday message and supply the video backgrounds that you see on the screens.  In addition to having a facility with web searches and the manipulation of images, this person would also need to be able to read my drafts and pull out key points and ideas that should be reinforced visibly.  And they would need to be happy to edit their work on a Saturday…and even early Sunday morning…because I am constantly editing my work until the moment I preach the message. 

Visual Arts Ministry-We need a team of folks who would love to take sermon and worship themes and develop them artistically so that the sanctuary becomes an extension of those themes.  Banners, flowers, décor, fabric, props…I would love to “warm up” our sanctuary and draw people more deeply into the worship experience through this ministry.

Video Ministry-We want to continue telling more stories using video.  If you are a videographer or an editor, this might be the perfect spot for you to serve.

If any of these areas stir you, please email Carole Hughes. Understand that we are in the name-collecting phase; please don’t expect a response back for several weeks.  But if you’d like to join us on the ground floor of this new worship team, please let us know.

Pastor Mark

P.S.  By the way, if you want to join me on the next Holy Land trip, the information night is April 6 at 6:00.  I promise, it will be a trip of a lifetime and will change the way you read the Bible forever.