Go to the Movies!

Go to the Movies!

Go to the Movies!

I don’t often make movies recommendations, but I will today. This Friday, Son of God will open at our local Galaxy Theatre and across the country. This movie is produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, committed Christians who recently produced the blockbuster TV series, The Bible. My understanding is that Son of God is a faithful representation of the life and ministry of Jesus.

As with all movies, the more folks that attend the opening weekend, the more “buzz” the movie receives. Wouldn’t it be great if Chapel Hill folks flooded the theater this weekend and did our part to draw attention to the “greatest story ever told”? It would also be the perfect opportunity to invite a non-believing friend to join you… and then to engage in some conversation afterwards over a thin and crispy, fire-baked pizza at an unnamed pizzeria.

There is so much that is awful in the movies… and yet, pop culture shapes opinion in a profound way. Here’s a chance for us to support an opinion-shaping piece of counter-culture that could serve the Kingdom of Christ. Please join in the effort!

On another note, I am thrilled to hear of the response to Troy Wilson, our visiting church-planter from San Francisco. Before Troy preached two weeks ago, we had exactly zero people signed up for lunch with him. Afterwards, seventy folks showed up and we ran out of food. You were obviously captivated by the idea of church-planting… and by Troy’s winsome personality.

Below is an excerpt from a recent email Troy sent to me:

I enjoyed a very encouraging 24 hours with your sweetheart church! Wow at the hospitality! Wow at the prayer support! (I’ve done guest preaching at lots of churches and have never been covered in prayer like this.) I’m going develop a prayer team here, like you have there, to cover me in prayer before I preach; that was life-changing for me personally.

I had several conversations with people (after both services and after the luncheon) about how they felt encouraged and challenged about their walk with Christ and their involvement in the mission of Christ.There were even two singles that approached me afterwards and suggested that they may be interested in moving to San Francisco.It was very evident that the Spirit had gone before us in this adventure.

Thanks for the idea to visit Chapel Hill and your invitation to love on your sweetheart church. I’m praying for Christ to multiply “loaves and fishes” that would be more than we could ever ask or imagine.

I’m deeply grateful for you, our partnership and the future!


God continues to work in and through us in some remarkable ways. I’m glad you are a part of it!

Pastor Mark

P.S. Don’t miss this Sunday when we celebrate the return of our Mexico Build team. There will also be a special guest appearance of Ron Burgundy and his news team. I promise… you have never seen something like this in a Sunday service!