Wow! Jubilee Indeed!

Wow! Jubilee Indeed!

Jubilee Sunday was one of the most moving and joy-filled worship services I’ve ever been a part of!   Last Sunday we celebrated our 50th year as a congregation and we packed more into that service of worship that seemed possible.  Where to begin?  The joy of welcoming as our guests the Neels and the Smalls, charter members of this congregation.  The wonderful video segments including a masterful Chapel Hill history and greetings from most of the 13 pastors we have sent out from our church.  The spectacular and original  music:  a glorious fanfare written by David Asplund and a majestic anthem written by Dr. Ed Hughes.  Appearances by Revs. Stuart Bond, Jeremy Vaccaro and Shari Monson.  And, of course, the high point liturgically: Hans and Franz! 

I will never forget it.  The whole service was abuzz with excitement and joy.  You loved it, didn’t you?  And then, at the end, when you came forward to bless the children and to make your donation to our Jubilee Debt initiative…the crowd was so large, we had to sing all of Be Thou My Vision twice! 

Then there was the reception.  Three different venues, elegant decorations, incredible food and fun.  I’ve never seen a reception more packed and more exuberant.  We listened as the resolution was read by Councilman Tim Payne announcing November 17 as “Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church Day.”  And then…the total of our Jubilee Debt Initiative was revealed.  Wow!  And gifts are still coming in.

This Sunday, first thing in the service, I will announce the updated total.  You might want to be there a little early! Meanwhile, our debt team is planning the best timing and application of these extra dollars to reduce our debt; we’ll keep you informed. Your gifts will help to ensure that this Sweetheart Church which we have inherited will be handed in good shape to a next generation.

There’s one more important way to sustain our momentum.  It is through legacy giving.  Would like to understand how to increase your cash flow, reduce your taxes and increase your charitable giving? On December 10th Chapel Hill will be hosting Alan Pratt of Pratt Legacy Advisors. Alan is a nationally known Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy and a Certified Estate Planner. Alan will discuss these topics in a two-hour workshop from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, Tuesday, December 10th in the Gathering Place. He made this presentation to Session, and we offer this to our congregation with great enthusiasm. Reserve your spot now with Dawn Davis at 853-0230 or

God is doing great things at Chapel Hill. I’m so glad you are part of that!

Pastor Mark

P.S. It’s not too late for you to share in the Jubilee Debt Reduction initiative! Click here to join the 360 Chapel Hill families who want to set our grandchildren free from the burden of debt. And remember, these gifts should be above and beyond your normal contributions.