Your Best Ideas

Your Best Ideas

On November 17 we will celebrate Jubilee Sunday. It was exactly 50 years ago, November 17, 1963—five days before JFK was assassinated—that Chapel Hill United Presbyterian Church came into existence. On Jubilee Sunday at 10:00am (one service only), we will look back over five decades of ministry as an opportunity to celebrate God’s goodness and dream about our future together. Pastors Jeremy and Stuart will join us for the service, the choir will premiere a new composition by Dr. Ed Hughes, and the whole service will be filled with surprises and wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime memories. And following the service we will party as only Chapel Hill can party!

But we are still in draft mode, and I want your help. If you could suggest an idea for the service, some creative input that would make this a truly memorable experience… we would love to hear about it. For instance, one suggested a service built around the five decades of our ministry: dress, music, news clips. What would you suggest? Please forward your input to Kathryn McIvor.  And, of course, save the date. This will be one of those moments you do not want to miss.

I need your help in one other way, too. October 10-12, we will be hosting the meeting of the Presbytery of the Pacific. This is a very volunteer- intensive undertaking. We need help in the kitchen, serving tables, shuttling, greeting, snacking, registering… you get the point. Right now, we have 230 guests registered, by far the largest meeting of our presbytery to date. My hope is that everyone who walks through our doors will experience the Sweetheart Church that we all know and love.

If you are willing to serve your brothers and sisters in the presbytery, contact Kathy Berry.

Thank you, so much.

Pastor Mark