Thailand – Day 7

Thailand – Day 7

Last night (day 7, I think) we had the first opportunity to meet the 57 kids in the hostel, ranging from age 6 to 15. They live and eat together and attend school in town.  They come from a variety of places (directly from Burma, a refugee camp in Thailand or other village in Thailand).  They were full of smiles,energetic and fun.

They colored in “All About Me” booklets that we prepared for them (along with a picture of themselves on the cover).  At the same time, we started interviewing each student to learn more about them.  We wanted to know about their family, but one of the hardest questions was “When was the last time you saw your family?”  The answers ranged from every day to a few times a year. They miss their families, but all understood the importance of getting a good education.  When asked who was most important in their lives, several answered God.  What a blessing to hear this.

While we were playing and interviewing, medical and dental assessments were taking place, and some of the kids were treated.

It has been a joy to see the team members and local staff and volunteers work together to share God’s love, provide health care and play.

The heat continues to be hard for the team, but we press on and pray through it.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.