Thailand – Day 4 & 5

Thailand – Day 4 & 5

This is a combined report covering a few days.

After breakfast and team meeting, we packed into the trucks again for our trip to the village of Laytonku (about 2,000 people live in that area).  Allan Eubank was called to this village in 1962, and he and his children continue to have a special place in their hearts for these people.

We drove for about 30 minutes, until the road conditions prevented us from driving further. Then began our hike – for about 3 hours.  Up and down the mountain paths and over streams and rivers. The sounds and sites reminded me of Jurasic Park.  It was a really hard hike (at least for the Americans) but is was great how everyone was very encouraging to each other, and helped lighten the burdens (literally and emotionally).  We prayed for no rain, and those prayers were answered; however, it made the hike hotter.  Who knew a person could sweat so much!!

Our hosts prepared a wonderful dinner (are you getting the picture that we have been fed well?) and then the team time.  Bedtime was early.

We were greeted in the morning with Jungle Donuts and pancakes made by Eilya (the head medic).  Who knew that you could make pancakes in a wok.

medical careThen we set up the medical and dental clinic and slowly families began to come in.  One father walked 5 hours from Burma carrying his sick infant; another walked 2 hours with her child.  So glad that we were able to be of assistance.

Several people received dental care.  4 extractions in all.  It was great to see the local medic being trained for this and doing some of the extractions.  All of us pitched in and helped.

After lunch, several of us hiked to a beautiful waterfall and jumped in and swam.  That was so exciting, and it cooled us down.


Chapel Hill team with LTK church Clinic StaffThen we began our hike back to Bueng Klueng.  On the way out of town, we saw the local church and visited with families along the way. The hike back seemed easier, but part of it was in the dark.  Again, we all supported and encouraged each other.

We were exhausted, but also uplifted with how God is working all over the world connecting His people together.