And We Are Off!

And We Are Off!

The Run For Burma is not just an event at Chapel Hill, but a chance to expose our community to the humatarian crisis which the Burmese people face. Our community engages in a 5K run as a chance to run for those whom have no chocie but to,literally run for their lives. Over the past two years here at Chapel Hill my knowledge and passion for the siuation in Burma has increased. I admire and greatly respect the work of the Free Burma Rangers who put thier lives on the line to bring hope and aid inside Burma.

A few months ago I had the priveldge of travelling with Laurie Dawson and members of her family to an area that has been caught in the middle of this war. I was able to meet the people who have literally run for thier lives. I heard their stories and was inspired by their prayers for peace so they may one day return home. The passion and commitment the Eubank family has for these villages is inspiring.

The vision was to bring some of the Chapel Hill community to this community on the Burma/Thailand border as a chance to engage, develop relationships, and help build capacity in the clinic and children’s hostel.

So I write this first blog post from South Korea as we continue to travel to our desination, and as we are seeing this vision bear fruit. Our team has medical, dental and children’s ministry focus, but it is so much more than that. It is a chance for Chapel Hill to extend thier arms and send part of themselves to invest in, build relationships, particapate in the work of God in Burma and Thailand, and get the chance to use their talents.

So for our community back home, we ask for your prayers. Here are some specific ways you can pray:

– Safe travels through some very unsafe roads
– Health and energy
– We have a 2-day journey to our destinstion. Pray for safey, good road conditions, vehicles to work well, and energy as we hike into the village. Please pray the rains cease so the road will no longer be washed out.
– Translation
– Spiritual energy as we head into a spiritually dark place
– Relationships within the team and for those sub- teams which will be formed

Looking forward to the journey ahead..

Jennifer Nickels